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Nowhere has Anita Sarkeesian said that "All video games are anti-feminist." Also, you don't necessarily have to play a game to critique aspects of it, especially as it pertains culturally. Also, you're a pig because you're literally saying that nobody should make a big deal about the fact that women--exclusively women--were threatened with violence for exercising their freedom of speech. You're a pig man.

Where did I say any of that?

Hold on… let me help you out there

grab a pair


the things i find on the internet 

unmute it

no seriously, unmute it after the second or third time watching it

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I spoke to my roommate at great lengths today about Anita and her awful everything.  Her scams, her stealing, her sicking of violent, volatile fanbases onto people who just asked for their art to not be stolen and used, uncredited, in her videos.  About how she declares everybody who doesn’t agree with everything she says as anti-women and sics her personal army on them.  About her sheer, staggering misunderstanding of some of the games she talks about, which is brought on by the fact she doesn’t actually play any of them and just steals Let’s Play/Longplay footage from other channels so she can generalize for a few minutes.

After explaining just how stupid, ignorant, and lazy of a scam artist this woman is for roughly 30 minutes (including siting sources as I once did for another post I made about her), I asked him (my roommate that is, who is an avid gamer and has been for roughly two decades) what he would do if she came to his college to make a speech about how all video-games are anti-feminist.  His response was “Ask her why she thinks Fallout is even remotely misogynistic.”  I asked him if he would respond with violence, threats, or anything like that.  He said “I’d probably laugh in her face, but no.  Also, WHY FALLOUT?”

Literally nobody in their right mind could possibly think that threatening to fucking murder people at school is an appropriate reaction.  Nobody.  Not a single right-minded person.  It’s not about women or anti-women, feminist or anti-feminist, that’s just 90% people trolling out of boredom and 10% psychopathic dipshits venting frustration from their basement.  Don’t be afraid of showing up at Utah State for the speech.

And if you get the chance, be sure to ask her why she’s such a fucking idiot.


Anita = asshole

guy threatening mass shooting = bigger asshole

Kinda feel like ectoemeritus is glossing over that fact

also has she cited fallout as being misogynist? I’ve only watched her first two tropes vs women videos and I don’t recall that coming up

Humor is a method often used to make a point in a way that an audience can be comfortable with

If you read the post before it you would see that that point was that I, an average person, react to her exploits with incredulity and confusion, not violence and fire.

And lastly, she “called out” Fallout in one of her videos, along with a few games that were right, and more that were wrong, such as fable (where you can become queen of a nation) Dragon Age (both games can have a capable female warrior savior), and Mass Effect. ( A series whose advertising prominently features a canonical strong female savior).


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A blonde woman is driving past a field when…


she spots another blonde woman sitting in a rowboat, paddling furiously. Upon asking the young lady in the boat what was wrong she determined the woman was suffering from a psychological episode and made sure she got the help she deserved.



I figured out what the new Rifftrax is going to be, thanks to the tweet at the top from @clastowka. I’m not going to blab about what it is, but these gifs are all from that film. It is a-mazing. It’s the kind of ooky, unsettling combination of scary madness and skin-chewing tedium rarely seen outside of films about Scarlett Johansson driving around in a white van collecting Scottish pelts. And about half the film is footage of a public event so boring, so ineptly shot and edited that the only thing you can imagine possibly justifying its preservation on film is that it’s an important piece of evidence in some horrible unsolved crime. 

This movie makes me happier than almost any other that exists.



Why does he have a black brick in his hand and why is he putting it in the TV?

thanks for making me feel old with that comment

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Undo the Damage of Sitting

(Technically, this isn’t about saving your hands… but if you draw, you’re probably doing a lot of sitting, so…)